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Late News from the Cabaret World

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CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE #000105 - Tuesday, January 11, 2000
Since 1990 Your Best Source of Cabaret News

First off, a quick correction. In the last issue (#000104 - available on the website for new subscribers) I made an error describing the operation that honky-tonk pianist Al Bundy underwent recently. It was not bypass surgery, but rather a pacemaker implant. Al headlined at ARTHUR'S TAVERN on Grove St. in the Village for 14 years, and also played at CHEZ JOSEPHINE on West 42nd Street, ECCO L'ITALIA on Bleecker Street, and at the old 5 OAKS. Now that he is up and around, you might find him doing a number or two at JUDY'S, DANNY'S and other clubs. He is still one of the best at what he does!

Please remember, I no longer send out the "Stu's Cabaret Picks" via e-mail, but the picks are now posted on my website at:


And, since this is an on-line web page, I will be adding new shows and cabaret events as they are brought to my attention, and adding days to the list as the month progresses. This means that it would be a good idea to check the "PICKS" page every few days, to see what has been changed, added or deleted.

Also, if you want to check on new pages added to the website, just look at the "Cabaret In The News" page, updated almost daily. I also post news items and pages of unique interest not covered by the other pages of the website here.


MAC IS LOOKING FOR YOUR APPLICATION - MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) was a little late getting out the rules and application blanks for this year's MAC Awards Celebration, to be held on Sunday, April 9th at TOWN HALL (123 West 43rd Street, NYC). So, to everyone who feels that their 1999 show, CD or song merits a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) Award, in order to win it, you have to be in it!

You MUST apply for the award by filling out a special application blank. MAC members in good standing can apply for free, non-MAC members need to enclose a $25 application fee.

All the rules for the various categories are posted on my website - just check out:


I have also posted a copy of the official MAC AWARD application blank - just check out:


Applications MUST BE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 17, 2000 to be considered. Extra copies of the application forms are also available from MAC member clubs - call the booking manager to make sure they have them.

This year in most instances there will be NO preliminary screening of nominees. This means that if you apply, YOU WILL BE INCLUDED on the preliminary ballot sent to all members. When this ballot is tallied, the top 3 (4 in case of tie) in each category will be considered MAC Award nominees, and will be voted on my MAC members on the final ballot.

Lynn DiMenna has a fantastic radio show on Fridays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm called "Welcome to the Club" heard on WRTN 93.5 FM. and WVOX 1460 AM. Lesley Alexander reports on cabaret on the show, with weekly reviews and anecdotes. Recently she made up her "top ten" list, which was announced on Lynn's show, and rebroadcast several times on the station. She asked us to reprint it here.


Hi Stu,

The attached broadcast ran multiple times the week of January 2nd and 9th, 2000 on WVOX 1460 AM and will be re-broadcast this Friday, January 14th on "Welcome to the Club" on WRTN 93.5 FM. It is reprinted by permission of Lesley Alexander and Lynn DiMenna.


"Welcome to the Club" (Simulcast on WRTN-FM/WVOX-AM)

Welcome to Cabaret 2000! In the coming weeks I'll be giving you dozens of CD reviews to help you choose the ones just right for you, but first, before we completely bid goodbye to 1999 and the last century, I'm counting down the Top Twenty [20] Shows of last year - drum roll please!

At number 20: Although technically not a cabaret act because it took place at a large theatre, this show was filled with cabaret style by a performer who knows how to put forth a lyric with heartfelt honesty and still blast out a belt to the back row. This lady is entertainment! Liza Minnelli at THE PALACE with MINNELLI ON MINNELLI begins our countdown.

Number 19: The CABARET CONVENTION is always the place to discover and reaffirm a cabaret lover's dreams, and this year was no exception; but beyond that, the ASCAP night and it's salute to new cabaret standards and those composers went to a place of rarefied air, of "pinch me I think I'm dreaming." This evening of picture-perfect performances and organic moments was a once in a lifetime of glorious serendipity.

Number 18 is the longest, funniest, most raucous show ever! This performer has the comic timing and musicality of Victor Borge, the quick spontaneity of Robin Williams, and the grace and charm of perfect host Johnny Carson all rolled into Mark Nadler, who's non-stop fun with special guests makes him the toast of Cabaret and Broadway at SARDI'S.

Number 17 is an actor with music. Every lyric is exposed for deeper meaning. Every humorous anecdote is communicated with expert timing. It's all packaged in a knock-out delivery in shows which are almost perfectly laid out. Barbara Brussell makes us love the art of cabaret.

Number 16 is an old pro in films, theatre, TV and concert stages and, as a newcomer to cabaret, was able to knock a home-run out of the park the very first time in her debut at the OAK ROOM. She brought her unique sense of humor, great anecdotes, super material, the added attraction of her ethnic heritage and the ability to take a risk with a capital "R" to make a fun-filled evening of pure delight. Rita Moreno at THE ALGONQUIN.

Number 15 surprised everyone with a an entertaining evening chock full of clever impersonations, dramatic and touching song interpretations and readings, and very funny stories. Add that to the fact it was all packaged in a perfectly paced show and presented by a man who reeks sex appeal no matter what his stage of life. Gene Barry also at THE ALGONQUIN.

Number 14 is the epitome of sleek sophistication and master of the intelligent witty remark. Capable of dead-on impersonations and comprehensive stories which she weaves throughout her presentations making it all appear seamless while serenading her audience with a sweet sound often delicate on the most moving ballads. Mary Cleere Haran did it again this year with "The Twenties" at THE ALGONQUIN.

At lucky 13 he plays piano like a dream and embodies those natty nightclub performers of yore. He makes it chic to be retro but this man is always fresh and original finding something new in classic cabaret fare. The exceptional Steve Ross' "Travels With My Piano" at THE FIREBIRD.

At number 12 she found just the right mix of composers and then displayed every double entendre she could find to entertain in a saucy, vibrant, and honest show which blended the naughty but innocent comedy with tear jerkers and upbeat numbers. KT Sullivan "Noel, Cole and Bart" at THE FIREBIRD.

Number 11 had this gentleman soaring with his pleasing baritone and warm smile, often grinning like the cat who caught the canary, sometimes dewy-eyed on romantic ballads the show slid along in a seemingly effortless manner as any great cabaret show should. Jack Donahue at THE FIREBIRD.

Number 10 has polished off over 25 shows in the past 15 years, each one more comprehensive and inventive than the one before. This year was ever more personal, dealing with material not often heard in cabaret and bringing the same warm inviting personality and quick sense of humor to a brand new yet completely familiar show. Andrea Marcovicci "Our Songs" at THE ALGONQUIN.

At Number 9, she has already taken the theatre world by storm and now it's cabaret with her funny, true, stories told like an old friend, she easily sets up her material to add that extra touch of magic singing with confidence and poise she filled the room with a sense of wonder and excitement. Faith Prince at JOE'S PUB and THE FIREBIRD.

At Number 8, he kicks into high gear with a new ease on stage, weaving tales through his lyrics which touch and amaze. He tells sweet stories and sings those up-tempo tunes with a wild side we were just waiting to see released. In '99 he was better than ever before. Tom Andersen at THE FIREBIRD.

Number 7 has this lady at the top of her game. Belt? No problem. Ease into a lyric and peel off layers one by one? Simple. Smile, laugh, make the whole audience feel like they're part of something truly special? She does it all with ease. Karen Mason at JOE'S PUB.

Number 6 never does anything less than riveting! Sometimes old favorites but new and daring material as well. She's sexy and charming, with a unique sound which always delivers. She makes every show is an adventure. Eartha Kitt at THE CARLYLE.

Number 5 is a perennial favorite. Every show is a professional, polished affair with impeccable arrangements from Wally Harper and a sound as sweet as honey. She's warm and loving in her room and always entertaining with ballads that touch your heart and humor which makes you smile. Barbara Cook, "Salute to Gower Champion" at THE CARLYLE .

Number 4 was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see legends in the business. A nightclub act from another era which was fresh and funny and brimming with vitality. And these lyric writing performers brought down the house! Thank goodness I can say, "I was there to see" Comden & Green at JOE'S PUB.

In the Number 3 slot is a guy who showed up quietly and ended up stopping the CABARET CONVENTION. He works from a place of artistic integrity, bringing forth a unique vision in cabaret. Performing material that was hardly traditional, he somehow wove a spell during his show and created one of those unforgettable moments in time. It sometimes seems like he's channeling some greater spirit. He's unlike anybody we've ever seen. Mark Coffin at JUDY'S.

Number 2 is another theatre performer. She put together a uniquely personal journey which was easily relate le to all who watched. It was one of those precious journeys we all hope to take in a cabaret club. Funny, sad, sweet, sentimental, upbeat, it moves along in perfect harmony and we became one with her. Sally Mayes at EIGHTY EIGHT'S and THE FIREBIRD.

And finally the Number One Show of 1999. He has become the quintessential cabaret performer for this generation. His natural exuberance is contagious, his sound pure and easy, and his knack for picking the right material with just the right arrangement and then performing it with the perfect mix of tenderness and excitement makes this the best act around. The ultimate blend of a perfect set of musicians matched with a cabaret singer to create one great big entertainment of the highest caliber. Michael Feinstein at THE REGENCY is the Number One Show of '99!

For "Welcome to the Club," this is Lesley Alexander.

Speaking of radio shows that cover the world of cabaret, the wonderful Claiborne Cary will be a guest on WDVR's "Curtain Up" hosted by Richard Edgcomb and Don Collester tonight, Tuesday evening, January 11th 2000. The interview with Claiborne will be live at 8:10 pm.

WDVR FM is at 89.7 and 91.9 in Central New Jersey and can also be listened to on the Web at


Just go to the web site and click on "Listen and Win."

Upcoming guests include Ralph DiLudvico on January 18th and Joanne O'Brien on February 1st.

A few years back, a gal named Melissa Joy Hart did a few shows at UPSTAIRS AT ROSE'S TURN (55 Grove Street, NYC - 212-366-5438) and then moved off to Philadelphia, where she has done an occasional show, mostly at the now closed UPSTAIRS AT FRANGELICA. But once you get that "cabaret bug" you never say die, and Melissa is doing a show on Saturday, January 29th at 8:00 pm at TAVERN ON CAMAC (243 South Camac Street, Philadelphia, PA - 215-545-0900). The show is called "I Feel So Smoochie..." and Melissa calls it "a cabaret show for the relationship in all of us..." Jim Wade will be at the piano. This all new show will also celebrate her 25th Birthday!!

Just a reminder to all who made a pledge regarding my "20 by 2000" weight loss project: I didn't save your pledge emails, but you know who you are. Ruby Rims would like to make the final gift to THE VILLAGE CENTER FOR CARE, and a few checks still need to be received. Please mail your pledge check to CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE, 345 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036 and make you check payable to THE VILLAGE CENTER FOR CARE. You donation is fully tax deductible. (I will print a complete list of contributors when all the pledges are received - a total of $640, if everyone fulfills their pledge). My pal, David Fiddyment is currently visiting Australia and will be sending his check in when he returns in February, but for the rest, please don't delay.

As part of my diet routine (my diet continues) I have a very light breakfast each morning at the WESTWAY DINER on Ninth Avenue near 44th Street - a hangout for many of the theater, cabaret and film performers and other professionals who live and work in the area. Then I take my 2-mile morning walk - unless the weather is really bad. But I had to postpone my walk the other morning because Sean Hayden and Rick Jensen were at another table, going over plans for the CD of "Confidentially Cole," Sean's fantastic show which had an extended run last year at THE TRIAD (158 West 72nd Street, NYC - 212-799-4599). Their table was covered with notes and papers, and they were having quite work session until I interrupted.

The CD will be released in a month or two (one never can promise an exact date when it comes to getting CDs manufactured) and will be introduced with a reprise of the show for several weeks back at THE TRIAD. Stay tuned - this is one show you will want to see, and one CD you will want to purchase.

There will be a new cabaret/piano bar opening in a very short time on the East Side of NYC - the negotiations are nearly complete. I am told that they will be looking for performers to staff the piano bar, and will soon be looking for acts for the cabaret room (which needs to be refurbished and equipped). Stay tuned - I would have made a complete announcement in this issue, but was asked to wait just a bit longer.

Well, this issue filled up quickly, and I am already at my 15,000 character limit (I am sending out more issues lately, but trying to keep the size of each issue below or around 15,000 characters so that they will transmit faster, and without compression).

I have several more items to write about, including the conclusion to the saga "How I Spent My New Year's Weekend."

Meantime, check out the website for more news and other special stuff.

And that is just about the way it was.

Hugs & Stuff,


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