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The TV taping of Laura Ainsworth's show "My Ship Has Sailed: How to be a Late-Bloomer in a World Obsessed with Extreme Youth" will be on Sunday, July 18th at 7:00 pm at DJANGO ON THE PARKWAY (5100 Beltline, Suite 210, North Dallas, TX - RESV: 214-370-9917 - Singer/comedian Laura Ainsworth's one-woman show based is based on her pet peeve - the intense pressure society puts on women to keep looking young. Musical director is Brian Piper. $10 cover, $8 cover for members of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE. Attendance implies permission to film you, so dress to be seen on TV!

Ms. Ainsworth (who co-writes the internationally-syndicated radio service, The Comedy Wire) has dubbed her show, "My Ship Has Sailed: How To Be A Late-Bloomer In A World Obsessed With Extreme Youth." She has filled it with biting monologues and parody songs that wed jazz, pop and classical melodies to witty lyrics about plastic surgery, cosmetics, double standards on aging, and every other aspect of today's hell-bent pursuit of youth. And she topped it off with an inspirational message that age shouldn't matter, plus her own advice, such as, "Never tell your age. If anyone asks, just say, 'I can't recall. But how much do you weigh?'"

Teaming with longtime friend and pianist Brian Piper, she launched her ship in a tiny club on Lower Greenville, a funky Dallas entertainment strip. But word got around and some newspaper articles soon hailed the show as "a potential cult phenomenon" and compared its shoestring origins and feminine appeal to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Suburban adults soon began braving the bohemian neighborhood to see this rare club show that actually spoke to people over 25.

The act also began getting corporate and private bookings. In its next step up, the show found a new home at DJANGO ON THE PARKWAY, a spacious supper club in upscale North Dallas. Soon, the show began attracting the attention of Las Vegas bookers and media members, including award-winning Dallas TV producer David Clements. Clements attended Ms. Ainsworth's next performance at Django and became a convert.

So on Sunday, July 18th, Mr. Clements will be directing a multiple camera crew as they tape "My Ship Has Sailed" for a special to air in Dallas on DCTV and Comcast Cable. He sees it as only the beginning and envisions the show moving on to PBS, Showtime or Lifetime.

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