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Any personal information, including but not confined to, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and personal phone numbers submitted to CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE are strictly for the use of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE and will not be shared with any other person, organization or entity without the explicit or implied permission of the member or subscriber. By submitting a press release or news item containing any of the above information within the text of the release, CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE will assume that such information may be published and/or shared with the public. In addition, such information that CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE discovers published in any other form (such as, but not confined to, internet websites and print publications) will also be assumed to be public information, and may be published and/or shared with the public. Any requests received regarding personal e-mails, mailing addresses and phone numbers will be referred to the owner of the requested information and not replied to by CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE, except for referral to a publicly published website URL that might contain that information.


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